Strong, unique and sustainable!

We want to bring strong, unique and sustainable green houseplants to people's homes for greater well-being and living pleasure. Smit Kwekerijen develops indoor plants that are grown in high quality, efficiently and as sustainable as possible.



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Our Mission

Smit Kwekerijen is a modern potted nursery of green houseplants. The company has been growing a large variety of plants for over 30 years, which are collected and chosen with care from locations all over the world. With more than 160,000 m2 and more than 200 employees, Smit Kwekerijen is one of the leading nurseries in Europe.

You can recognize the plant by the leaf, as you can recognize Smit Kwekerijen by the brown label in our green house plants. Since the founding of our company, thirty years ago, we have continuously introduced “new”, successful green house plants. We have a reputation to uphold in that area. That is why our plant hunter is constantly searching the world for new and unknown plants and interesting varieties of existing plants. The income from his travels forms the breeding ground for our company.

The essence of Smit Kwekerijen