Smit Kwekerijen

Smit Kwekerijen is a modern pot plant nursery, specialized in growing unique, strong and trendy green indoorplants. We want to bring nature from all over the world into living rooms. That is our mission, that is what drives us.

Our nursery is located in Sappemeer (Groningen), our customers can be found all over Europe. We value sustainable relationships, both with our employees, suppliers and customers. We feel involved with our customers and are enthusiastic about collaborations with regard to growth and development of concepts.

All employees of Smit Kwekerijen have a passion for plants and the development of plants. Our combined years of experience in the field of cultivation and development ensure that we can provide the market with high-quality and unique green indoorplants. And more important; how this can be done even better and more sustainable in the future!

We are unique in marketing our green indoorplants with a special cultivation method. In our modern pot plant nursery we grow in a responsible way to deliver a product that is as clean and sustainable as possible. We care about the environment and strive to grow our plants in an environmentally friendly way. We do this for example through biological crop protection. We also like to show this by being affiliated with various quality organizations, such as MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ. In addition, we make a footprint calculation, which forms the foundation for continuous improvement in the area of ​​sustainability.

Also, we strive to be able to present some new distinctive plants to our customers every year. In a world with constant developments, we work hard to meet the demands of our customers. This way, we are able to continue to develop and optimize our company.

The essence of Smit Kwekerijen

How did we get here?

Smit Kwekerijen was founded by Obed Smit. Almost 35 years ago he took over the nursery from his uncle which was based in Sappemeer. In the first years, Obed mainly grew Geraniums on 3500 square meters. Geraniums were well appreciated at the time.

In the years that followed, the range was increasingly expanded with bedding plants. But since bedding plants are seasonal products, a more efficient use of the greenhouses was being considered. The solution to filling the greenhouse was found in house plants. One of the first species to be bred was the Callisia turtle. A houseplant that is still part of the collection after all these years.

In 1997 only houseplants were grown and Smit Kwekerijen had become a nursery of only green indoorplants. Plant hunting also started in the 90s: Searching the world for new and unknown plants and interesting varieties of existing plants.The proceeds from the trips form the input for the nursery.

The green indoorplants have been grown with great care and expertise on more than 160,000 square meters for more than 30 years. Our indoor plants are delivered with high quality, are unique and trendy. We strive to add a few new products to our exotic plant collection every year.

The history of Smit Kwekerijen


Founding of Smit Kwekerijen by Obed Smit


Start of growing indoor plants. First specie is Callisia turtle.


First trip to South Africa.


Launch of logo Smit Kwekerijen.


First planting rights are requested.


Start of selling plants with the ‘Eden Collection’ brand.


Full focus on growing green indoorplants.


Taken over several nurseries.


Construction main location Siepweg 4.


Orchids were also part of the assortment during this period.


Summer Collection is added to the Eden range.


Five years later Message in a bottle is launched.


The first ‘Special’ plant is a fact, the Chinese moneymaker.


New logo Smit Kwekerijen