A green world

We love nature, like we love plants. We want to do what's best for both! Read more about these topics at this page.

Smit Kwekerijen and sustainability

In floriculture, growers all over the world put a lot of effort into growing clean, sustainable and honest plants. We at Smit Kwekerijen also think it is important to make an effort fort he environment. We care about the environment and strive to grow our plants in an environmentally friendly way.

That is why we have not been using Neonicotinoids for years, because the use of these pesticides is possibly the cause of bee mortality in the Netherlands.

In addition, Smit Kwekerijen makes minimal use of chemical pesticides and maximum use of biological pesticides, such as predatory mites and parasitic wasps. We also make plants more resilient and healthier by using resources from the NatuGrow system, which stands for Natural Growing.

This way of growing produces plants that are less susceptible to diseases such as Pythium, Fusarium, Mildew and Botrytis.


We are affiliated with various quality organizations and have several certificates. Since 2020 we also have PlanetProof, we are very proud of. For further information, visit www.followyourflowerorplant.com.

  • MPS-A
  • MPS-SQ
  • PlanetProof

Smit Kwekerijen is also a participant in MPS-ProductProof, with which we can show that we use “bee-friendly” products.

We are founding father of Benefits of Nature, who have calculated a footprint of our plants. A footprint calculation is a method to see the impact of a certain process (in our case the A-Z cultivation process) on the environment, this is tested through 33 different factors. As a result, the total impact on the environmental of our entire company is becomes clear and this information forms the foundation for continuous improvement in the field of sustainability.