Point of sale Eden Collection

Do you want to be a point of sale of our Eden Collection tables?

Eden Collection table concept

We have been using the Eden Collection table concept for several years now. It is a concept we are proud of. The Eden Collection tables provide unity and overview in a garden center. The natural look of the concept fits nicely with the green indoorplants of the Eden Collection. Due to its high appeal, the table will take a prominent place in the entire range of green indoor plants.

The power of the tables is reflected by the tranquility that you create by dividing the table into proportional compartments of plants from the same collection, Eden Collection. It is also possible to alternate during the year in order to be able to offer consumers an attractive assortment throughout the year. This makes the concept pleasant to work with and it can be supplemented effortlessly. This results in the highest possible sales result per square meter.

Make your table complete with a hanging plant frame that can easily be mounted on the Eden Collection table. With this frame you can present the hanging plants in a beautiful, fitting way with the other green house plants of the Eden Collection. Because the frame is placed on the table, you double use your square meters, which automatically results in a higher yield per square meter. Another advantage is that the entire collection is placed together so that the care of the plants is very efficient. The atmospheric images (which are provided free of charge) that are mounted on the sides of the frame serve as inspiration for consumers.

Curious about the possibilities? Contact our sales team, we are happy to think along with you!