Expension headquarters

In 2019 we expanded the size of our location at Siepweg 4 to make it possible for our company to continue growing. With this expension the work can be done more effectively and it creates more room for growth at the other locations.


The plan for the eptension was drawn in 2018, after which we started realizing it. During the renovation, it was important for us to create more space in order to be able to produce and (efficiently) process all of the beautiful new products.

For example, extra space has been created in the department where our bambino plants are processed, so that the containers can go to the packing area more smoothly. The different types and mixes can be clearly arranged right now.

Due to the expension we now have more space for the plants that come in containers from another location, so that the available stock is properly sorted. Deliveries are made on carts from the other locations. This working method will be optimized and the number of external locations will increase again in 2020.

In addition to the shuttle, 2 docks for the supply of plants from other locations have also been realized at the front of the building as shown on the picture below. This will separate the supply and removal of carts better.


In 2020 the space is already fully used. We are very happy with the expension and are using it to the fullest. Our main location now has 6 Ha. of which 1 Ha. expension is used to plant plants from 10 Ha. from our other locations. The external locations (collaboration with fellow growers) will grow from 2 to 6 ha in 2021. Total 22 Ha. filled with our plants! This growth was not possible without an expension.