Fascination of Plants Day

We should not have to tell you that plants are lots of fun and essential. They make houses greener, provide food on our table and plants provide oxygen. Today we put plants a little bit more in the spotlight, because it is Fascination of Plants Day!

Every two years this day is organised to draw attention for the importance of plants, plant innovation and plant science for agriculture, but also horticulture, forestry and plant based non-food (energy, wood, paper). Usually, a lot of events are organised on this day to show the importance of plants. Unfortunately it is not possible to organise large events due to the current pandemic. But Plantum have found a way to draw attention for plants after all.

They build a big chair called ‘Groene Zetel’ in The Hague. This chair is full of flowers, vegetables, fruit and of course also houseplants. Smit Kwekerijen donated some of our plants, maybe you could spot them.

Did you spot the ‘Groene Zetel’ already? If not, today (18 May) is your last chance!

Photo’s: © Plantum