Kom in de Kas 2019 (Come into the Greenhouse)

Every year in the first weekend of April, nurseries in more than 20 regions in the Netherlands open their doors to show the public how they cultivate the most beautiful vegetables, flowers and plants with care. Last year the Kom in de Kas was on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April where 210,000 enthusiastic visitors visited the greenhouses full of worldly wonders. The beautiful spring weather contributed to the high turnout.

This resulted in a festive day in the nurseries of, among others, Smit Kwekerijen. A varied and attractive range of activities has been set up by a group of enthusiastic employees to ensure that visitors have a great day.

Guided tours were given through the nurseries, paying attention to the method of cultivation, biological crop protection and also a small glimpse into the ‘kitchen’ of Smit Kwekerijen by showing the new products that will be available on the market in the coming year.

There was also plenty to do for the children. They were encouraged to plant their own plant and take it home. There was also a bouncer, they could have their face painted, and they could color a nice coloring page.

Everything together has made this day a successful day! On to the next edition!